How does it work


Associates the photographer and the wedding couple.


Takes the wedding photos and upload them in the app.

Wedding Couple

Review the photos and select the best ones for album.

Album Printer

The album is printed and delivered to newly wedded.

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Awesome Features in the App

Simple and Easy Photo Uploading

Simple and easy option for photographers to upload the wedding photos of multiple marriages in their own space. Saves a lot of time in copying photos in several devices.

Quick Photo Review and Selection

Simple and easy option for Wedding Couple to see all their photos and select what is to be printed and what need not be. This saves a lot of time and confusion.

Seamless Printing

Album printing becomes a breeze because the printers know exactly what they need to print. This helps to print the exact album the couple want in the fastest time possible.

Memories in Cloud Forever

All the wedding photos whether selected or not are available in the cloud forever. The wedding couple can view or download them anytime or request for a high resolution version.


How can we register in CulledBox?

Kindly submit an enquiry to us and we will get back to you in 24 hours.

What is the pricing of the service?

Pricing varies from marriage to marriage and we will be able to provide you a quote once we get on a call.

Are my photos safe?

All your photos are hosted on AWS and using the most secure storage and transmission practices. Your photos are safe with us.

Can I store my photos online forever?

Yes. You can. There will be a charge for it based on the number of photos. Please contact us for details.

How long does it take to upload my photos?

The wedding photographer uploads the photos usually within 48 hours of the wedding and the albums will be printed within 7 days of approval of photos.

Can I get high resolution version of my photos?

The photos provide in the app are medium versions considering the performance and space. You can always request high quality prints.